Oral receptivity of Aedes aegypti from Cape Verde for yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya viruses.

Autor(es): Vazeille Marie; Yébakima André; Lourenço-de-Oliveira Ricardo; Andriamahefazafy Barrysson; Correira Artur; Rodrigues Julio Monteiro; Veiga Antonio; Moreira Antonio; Leparc-Goffart Isabelle; Grandadam Marc; Failloux Anna-Bella

Resumo: At the end of 2009, 21,313 cases of dengue-3 virus (DENV-3) were reported in the islands of Cape Verde, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean 570 km from the coast of western Africa. It was the first dengue outbreak ever reported in Cape Verde. Mosquitoes collected in July 2010 in the city of Praia, on the island of Santiago, were identified morphologically as Aedes aegypti formosus. Using experimental oral infections, we found that this vector showed a moderate ability to transmit the epidemic dengue-3 virus, but was highly susceptible to chikungunya and yellow fever viruses.

Palavras-Chave: Aedes aegypti formosus; Cape Verde; Chikungunya; Dengue-3; Oral receptivity; Yellow fever

Imprenta: Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, v. 13, n. 1, p. 37-40, 2013

Identificador do objeto digital: 10.1089/vbz.2012.0982.

Descritores: Aedes aegypti - Arbovirus ; Aedes aegypti - Flaviviridae ; Aedes aegypti - Pathogenesis ; Aedes aegypti - Viral infections ; Aedes aegypti - virus ; Aedes aegypti - Transmission ; Aedes aegypti - Chikungunya Fever ; Aedes aegypti - Dengue ; Aedes aegypti - Epidemic ; Aedes aegypti - Epidemiology ; Aedes aegypti - Public health

Data de publicação: 2013