Efficient detection of Zika virus RNA in patients' blood from the 2016 outbreak in Campinas, Brazil

Autor(es): Judice, Carla Cristina; Tan, Jeslin J. L.; Parise, Pierina Lorencini; Kam, Yiu-Wing; Milanez, Guilherme Paier; Leite, Juliana Almeida; Caserta, Leonardo Cardia; Arns, Clarice Weis; Resende, Mariangela Ribeiro; Angerami, Rodrigo; Amaral, Eliana; Passini Junior, Renato; Freitas, André Ricardo Ribas; Costa, Fabio Trindade Maranh?o; Proenca-Modena, Jose Luiz , Lisa F. P.

Resumo: Infection with Zika virus (ZIKV), a mosquito-borne flavivirus has been casually linked with increased congenital microcephaly in Brazil from 2015 through 2016. Sensitive and specific diagnosis of patients with Zika fever (ZIKF) remains critical for patient management. We developed a ZIKV NS5 qRT-PCR assay by combining primers described by Balm et al. and a new Taqman probe. The assay was evaluated and compared with another assay described by Lanciotti et al. (ZIKV 1107) using 51 blood and 42 urine samples from 54 suspected ZIKV patients. ZIKV NS5 performed better in terms of sensitivity with more samples detected as ZIKV-positive (n = 37) than ZIKV 1107 (n = 34) for urine, and ZIKV-positive (n = 29) than ZIKV 1107 (n = 26) for blood. Both assays displayed good overall agreement for urine (?appa = 0.770) and blood (?appa = 0.825) samples. Improved availability of validated diagnostic tests, such ZIKV NS5 qRT-PCR, will be critical to ensure adequate and accurate ZIKV diagnosis

Imprenta: Scientific Reports, v. 8, article 4012, 2018

Descritores: Zika virus - RNA ; Zika virus - RNA virus

Data de publicação: 2018