Population genetic structure of the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti in Venezuela.

Autor(es): Herrera Flor; Urdaneta Ludmel; Rivero José; Zoghbi Normig; Ruiz Johanny; Carrasquel Gabriela; Martínez José Antonio; Pernalete Martha; Villegas Patricia; Montoya Ana; Rubio-Palis Yasmin; Rojas Elina

Resumo: The mosquito Aedes aegypti is the main vector of dengue in Venezuela. The genetic structure of this vector was investigated in 24 samples collected from eight geographic regions separated by up to 1160 km. We examined the distribution of a 359-basepair region of the NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 mitochondrial gene among 1144 Ae. aegypti from eight collections. This gene was amplified by the polymerase chain reaction and tested for variation using single strand conformation polymorphism analysis. Seven haplotypes were detected throughout Venezuela and these were sorted into two clades. Significant differentiation was detected among collections and these were genetically isolated by distance.

Palavras-Chave: Aedes aegypti; Genetic structure; Dengue; Single strand conformation polymorphism analysis; ND4 haplotypes

Imprenta: Memo?rias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, v. 101, n. 6, p. 625-633, 2006

Identificador do objeto digital: 10.1590/S0074-02762006000600008

Descritores: Aedes aegypti - DNA ; Aedes aegypti - Pathogenesis ; Aedes aegypti - Proteins ; Aedes aegypti - Viral infections ; Aedes aegypti - Transmission ; Aedes aegypti - Dengue ; Aedes aegypti - Public health

Data de publicação: 2006