Isolation and insecticidal/anthelmintic activity of xanthonol, a novel bis-xanthone, from a non-sporulating fungal species.

Autor(es): Ondeyka John G; Dombrowski Anne W; Polishook Jon P; Felcetto Tom; Shoop Wesley L; Guan Ziqiang; Singh Sheo B

Resumo: Xanthonol, a novel dimeric xanthone, was isolated from a fermentation broth of a non-sporulating fungal species using Sephadex LH20 followed by HPLC and the structure elucidated by spectral analysis. Xanthonol exhibited insecticidal and anthelmintic activities against larvae of Lucilia sericata, Aedes aegypti, and Haemonchus contortus with LD90 of 33, 8, and 50 microg/ml, respectively.

Imprenta: The Journal of antibiotics, v. 59, n. 5, p. 288-292, 2006

Descritores: Aedes aegypti - Molecular Structure

Data de publicação: 2006