Genetic variation in an urban population of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae).

Autor(es): Harrington M A; Hacker C S; Cheng M L; Ferrell R E

Resumo: A survey of genetic variation in urban populations of Aedes aegypti was conducted using starch gel electrophoresis. Ten enzyme loci were examined, 4 of which were found to be polymorphic (Hk, Mdh, Pgm, Pgi). The remaining loci were monomorphic (Aid, Ao, Fum, ?-Gpd, Me, 6-Pgd). The expected heterozygosity of the total population (H?) was 9.7%. When the expected total heterozygosity was partitioned, intrapopulation variation accounted for 9.3%; interpopulation variation contributed the remaining 0.4%. The results suggest that the Ae. aegypti population in the Houston area is not genetically subdivided

Imprenta: Journal of Medical Entomology, v. 21, n. 6, p. 706-710, 1984

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Descritores: Aedes aegypti - Pathogenesis ; Aedes aegypti - Proteins

Data de publicação: 1984