Challenges and controversies in immunization safety.

Autor(es): Chen R T,DeStefano F,Pless R,Mootrey G,Kramarz P,Hibbs B

Resumo: No vaccine is perfectly safe or effective. As diseases such as diphtheria and polio fade, vaccine safety concerns, especially alleged links between vaccinations and several chronic illnesses, have become increasingly prominent in the media and to the public. This article reviews the current scientific evidence on several recent vaccine safety controversies. It also provides information on how various safety research is conducted, some of the concurrent challenges, and finally, some guidance on communicating with patients on vaccine risks.

Imprenta: Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, v. 15, n. 1, p. 21-39, 2001

Identificador do objeto digital: 10.1016/S0891-5520(05)70266-X

Descritores: Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Pathogenesis ; Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Vaccine ; Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Public health

Data de publicação: 2001