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Titulo Principal: Research and development of biomass feedstocks for non-energy multiple uses

Overend, Ralph P.
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Biomass feedstocks; Bioproducts
Biomass feedstocks have enjoyed a significant renaissance during the period since the first world oil crisis in 1973. While the initial focus was strictly on energy—heat, electricity or fuels such as ethanol—this has evolved to the concept of multiple uses, in which bioproducts with a higher value can be produced to improve the financial return on the crop. Strategies towards bioproducts include the development of crops that provide specialty chemicals, such as Jojoba, or towards crops in which the yield of biomass is maximized and then the feedstock is processed into a platform chemical. At this time there are essentially two platforms that are considered to be the leading avenues. The syngas platform is based on carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced by means of gasification of biomass. The sugars platform converts precursors such as cane sugar, starches (from corn and other crops),...
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Trabalho apresentado no evento Sustentabilidade na Geração e Uso de Energia no Brasil: os próximos vinte anos, UNICAMP, 18 a 20 de fevereiro de 2002.

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