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Titulo Principal: Sustainable energy: engaging citizens

Hagelstam, Helene; Hollins, John
Palavras-chave [PT]:
Energy; Energy policy; Sustainable development
Since the 1970’s, when Canadians were primarily concerned with energy as a
natural resource, energy policy in Canada has evolved to focus on energy in the
broader context of sustainable development. The idea of involving citizens and
other stakeholders in the policy-making process began in the 1990s. As the understanding of the relationship between human activities and the state of the environment was developing, it was becoming clear that the government could not work in isolation. From the initial efforts which consisted of meetings in which government officials gathered ideas and information for use in policy aking, the involvement of stakeholders has developed into complex partnerships whereby initiatives are jointly developed and implemented by government, business, labour, non-government organizations and individuals. This paper presents examples of leadership by universities, companies, and associations.
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Informações adicionais:
Trabalho apresentado no evento Sustentabilidade na Geração e Uso de Energia no Brasil: os próximos vinte anos, UNICAMP, 18 a 20 de fevereiro de 2002.

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