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Titulo Principal: O processo de constituição de uma professora considerada inesquecivel

Patricia Fracetto
Palavras-chave [PT]:
Formação de professores , Mediação , Afetividade, Prática pedagógica

Abstract: This research aims to analyze the mediators of the process of constitution of a teacher considered successful by students and peers. It is intended to identify and describe these mediators, as well the pedagogical practices of this teacher. This research aims to contemplate the following question: how it is constituted, and which practices of a teacher, regarded as an agent that, in addition to providing experiences related to the appropriation of knowledge, also brings students affectively positive content? The choice of this subject was organized and took place from previous experiences with the teacher in question. She was the teacher responsible for coordinating a Science Project (LEITE & FRACETTO, 2016) that aimed to guide scientific research in Middle School; moreover, through the researcher's experiences of school and internship, it was possible to see through stances and speeches, that this subject is recognized by the school community as an excellent teacher, besides developing pedagogical practices with emphasis on Science content. So, this research uses the qualitative methodological approach, supported by the authors Lüdke& André (1986) and Bodgan&Biklen (1997), and the data collection procedure known as "recurrent interviews", characterized by Zanelli (1992) and Leite& Colombo (2006). It is in this context that this research has the intention to expose the process of constitution of a professional education in the light of the Historical-Cultural Theory of Vygotsky (1996, 1998a, 1998b, 1999, 2001, 2005), the Psychogenetic Theory of Wallon (1968, 1979, 1995), Leite' studies (2002, 2005, 2006, 2012),and Fernandes (2014). It is concluded that the developed nucleus and subnucleus represent the significance of factors that may be related to the process of formation of that teacher, relating its constitution with the history of the subjective impact of her experiences, and also realizing a brief description of her pedagogical practices. It is hoped, therefore, that this task can be used to contribute to researches that aims to understand the universe of meanings of teacher formation, and help in the construction of subsidies that can be used to improve teaching and learning relations, emphasizing school management, from the studies of Sander (2007) and Garcia (1981), and public policies as essential for this process (FREITAS, 2012). Resumo
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Idioma: Português
Data de Publicação: 2017
Local de Publicação: Campinas, SP
Orientador: Sérgio Antonio da Silva Leite
Instituição: Universidade Estadual de Campinas . Faculdade de Educação
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